The rental service is performed in full agreement with the apartment owner.

We do not make decisions about promotions without the consent of the apartment owner, in writing

The owner has full access to his profile on the landlord’s portal

As part of the service, we provide:

  • HDR advertising photos of the facility for portals
  • profile on the selected portal (we recommend along with the booking calendar setting
  • we create a profile on a selected social networking site, e.g. Facebook
  • we take care of the reservation, we answer comments and questions from the apartment’s clients


How cooperation looks like:

  • The service is paid once before the season.
  • After receiving the payment, we create an account on the website, e.g. (the owner receives a login and password)
  • We agree prices and reservations with the owner
  • We inform the owner of the apartment about confirmed reservations
  • We create an individual billing profile for each client

Payment for reservations from holiday guests may be paid into our company account or the owner’s account.